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Patient Cases

Aneterior Cervical Disc Replacement

35 year old man presenting with severe neck pain with radiation down the right arm with right bicep weakness. MRI with large right C5-6 disc extrusion.

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Postoperative xrays after C5-6 anterior cervical disc replacement. Complete resolution of arm pain and full painless range of motion of his neck.

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Aneterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion

56 year old woman who presented with severe neck pain with numbness of both hands and balance problems due to severe cervical stenosis. Patient underwent C4 to C7 anterior cervical discectomy and fusion with complete resolution of her neurological symptoms.

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Aneterior Cervical Corpectomy

50 year old man presenting with left biceps and triceps weakness with numbness in his hand.

Case image 3a1 Case image 3a2 Case image 3a3

C6 corpectomy with complete resolution of the weakness and numbness.

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Posterior Cervical Laminectomy and Fusion

70 year old presented with spinal cord injury and quadriplegia after a fall.

Case image 4b1

Patient underwent laminectomy and fusion with complete resolution of the weakness and numbness.

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Cervical Laminoplasty

57 year old man presenting balance problems, constant numbness of both hands, and loss of dexterity in his hands with minor neck pain who had severe cervical stenosis. Cervical laminoplasty from C3 to C6 with motion preservation.

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More Cases

58 year old presenting with low back pain and bilateral leg pain especially when he stands for a few minutes or walks more than a few blocks.

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Solid fusion 2 years postop

Case image 6a1 Case image 6a2

44 year old man with severe low back pain with intermittent radiation of the pain down the right leg. After undergoing conservative treatment, continued to have debilitating pain. MRI revealed a right paracentral disc herniation but CT scan revealed a unilateral pars fracture. After debating on microdiscectomy vs fusion, patient elected to undergo lumbar fusion. 4 months postop patient returned to surfing again. 9 months postop patient wrote “My recovery continues to do very well and we just got back from 8 days camping which including mountain biking, hiking, and a lot of work. Surfing almost every day and life is good…you have helped get my life and my families life back to normal.”

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After procedure.

Case image 7a1 Case image 7a2

59 year old woman with Scholiosis with severe back pain.

Case image 8b1 Case image 8b2

1 year postop from surgery and pain free.

Case image 8a1 Case image 8a2

21 year old woman with very ridged 90 degree Scheuremann's kyphosis corrected to 40 degrees.

Case image 9a1 Case image 9a2

20 year old with severe low back pain from untreated idiopathic adolescent scholiosis who failed all conservative treatment with documented progression of scoliosis despite being done growing.

Case image 10b1 Case image 10b2
Case image 10a1 Case image 10a2

64 year old man with prostatitis who developed osteomyelitis of T12/L1 treated with an all posterior approach thoracolumbar fusion and debridement with antibiotic cement.

Case image 11b1 Case image 11a1

73 year old woman with osteoporosis who fell and fractured her pelvis. She was unable to walk and developed lumbopelvic dissociation (seperation of the spine from the pelvis and lower half of the body) from an unstable sacral fracture and displacement.

Case image 12b1 Case image 12b2

Lumbopelvic fixation with prophylactic cement augmentation and patient was immediately able to walk again.

Case image 12a1 Case image 12a2

41 year old male with metastatic renal cell carcinoma to the spine presenting with cord compression

Case image 13b1

Painfree after corpectomy and decompression of the spinal cord.

Case image 13a1 Case image 13a2

72 year old female who previously had a fusion with another surgeon who developed an infection and underwent multiple surgeries presenting with severe back pain with inability to stand upright.

Case image 14b1 Case image 14b2 Case image 14b3
Case image 14a1 Case image 14a2

46 year old woman who previously had Harrington rod spinal fusion from T4 to L3 for idiopathic adolescent scoliosis who presents with back pain and left leg weakness from severe lumbar stenosis distal to her previous fusion.

Case image 15b1 Case image 15b2

3 months postop, patient is pain free and weakness completely resolved. She is able to stand upright without pain and improved posture.

Case image 15a1 Case image 15a2

67 year old woman with Parkininsons presenting with neuromuscular kyphoscoliosis with inability to stand and look upright. Patient expressed that she was tired of talking to other people’s belly buttons.

Case image 16b1 Case image 16b2

T2 to sacrum/pelvis spinal fusion. Patient is pain free and able to stand upright and walk normally for the first time in years.

Case image 16a1 Case image 16a2

61 year old man with previous history of microdiscectomy at L4-5 presenting with severe back pain with radiating pain down the right leg with weakness. He had a massive disc extrusion on the right side. Options included revision discectomy vs. L4-5 revision decompression and fusion with transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF). Patient did not want to go through the pains of recurrent disc herniation again and elected for the fusion.

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Case image 17a1 Case image 17a2